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Vivo patent new drone camera for smartphone

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has filed a patent in what will probably be the biggest innovation in smartphone camera systems. Dutch blog LetsGoDigital has reported about this patent, according to which the camera system will fly out of the phone’s body—just like a small drone.

Vivo Mobile Communication has filed this patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in December 2020 with the title Electronic device. Also Read – Know everything here including special specifications, price, and launch offers of Vivo Y72 5G with 5000mAh battery and 48MP primary camera

Over the years, we have seen a lot of innovations in smartphone cameras. Some came with a movement-adjusting gimbal camera, some had a pop-up camera protruding from the phone, and some had a rotating camera system that flips the back camera to the front.

Now perhaps smartphone camera systems with flying cameras are set to climb the next ladder. Let us know about it in a little detail. Also Read – Vivo S10 and Vivo S10 Pro will be launched tomorrow, many specifications leaked today

Vivo’s Flying Camera Patent

According to Vivo’s patent, there will be a camera system inside the smartphone that can fly out of the phone. The camera system will have four propellers and two camera sensors. Four cameras can also be fitted in these. To fly like a drone, this camera system will also have a separate battery for power.

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The system will also have infrared and proximity sensors to protect it from fighting here and there. According to the patent, it seems that users will be able to control this flying camera with the help of their smartphone and will be able to take creative shots or videos just like a drone.

From the sketch in the patent, it appears that this flying camera will emerge from the top of the phone and slide back into it – just like Vivo’s pop-up selfie camera.

Before you start waiting for the Vivo phone with this flying camera, let us remind you that this is just a patent. Whether this concept is possible with the help of existing technology or not, whether such a small camera will be able to work against the wind, whether there will be a demand for such a phone in the market or not,

As shown in Vivo’s patent (see image below), the plan for the dual-camera mini-drone is for it to be stored inside the phone itself. When needed, the drone will pop out of the phone Which would result in either a very thick phone or a record-breakingly thin and light camera drone.

Once the camera drone is out of the smartphone, the user will be able to control it and capture standard drone shots,

The drone will also take up valuable space inside the phone, which would force Vivo to go with a smaller battery for it. Plus, let’s not forget how loud drones can get, which is going to have an impact on video recordings. There are just so many issues to overcome with an idea like this.

Then again, Vivo is one of the biggest phone makers in the world, with a whole lot of money for research and development, and is clearly interested in this idea. Who knows, smartphones like this might become a reality in the next few years, if the demand is there