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Nissan launches new SUV under 20 lac

Nissan Magnite has these amazing features for the first time in less than 20 lakh vehicles

Nissan Magnite (Nissan Magnite BS6 Price) is the first car under 20 lakhs that is equipped with banging features.

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto system have been given in this SUV, which is cool.

Till now the auto industry was keeping the customers away from these facilities when it is needed.

New Delhi. Nissan Magnite BS6 Price is the country’s newest and most exciting subcompact SUV, which not only surprises with its price and size but also brings some features that have been priced above 20 lakhs till now. Used to meet in cars.

Nissan Magnite launched, the cheapest SUV to compete with Vitara Brezza at a price less than Maruti WagonR

In fact, this is the first car to come with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in India, which has been introduced in the market for less than Rs 20 lakh. In fact, there are many cars that are much more expensive than this and yet they do not have this feature, which they should have.

But the features offered in the Nissan Magnite are big news for the auto industry as well as a big warning for other companies, that while basic wireless communication has been a major issue for nearly half a decade, companies have fallen short of delivering it.

Now let’s talk about how wireless CarPlay and Android Auto work? So it’s quite simple- the car needs to have Bluetooth. But other than that, it needs Wi-Fi within the car and that too with a dual-band router.

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Connecting a dual-band router and integrating it into a car infotainment system (then pairing it with firmware to enable wireless CarPlay and Android Auto) isn’t rocket science, nor is it expensive.

It has features like a pin-sharp Full HD 7-inch screen that supports 24-bit color as well. It has Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, a 3-way network mode that can support multiple speakers and amplifiers, and a 48-bit dual-core processor, wireless mirroring, and video via USB.


It can also support 20 phones at the same time via Bluetooth. It even integrates high-speed charging and offers compatibility with the rear cameras. Tesla CEO Elon Musk expresses great concern about the future of electric cars, this is the reason

Simply put, the customer is getting a lot at this price point, but on cars costing up to Rs 20 lakh- you still don’t get video, advanced audio capabilities supporting amplifiers, fast charging, and multiple devices via Bluetooth support is not available. And not just about wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

So what Nissan has done is commendable, but more can be expected in the near future. Finally, for many who drive themselves, it is possible that they spend more time in the car listening to podcasts, listening to music, or talking wirelessly on the phone – so wireless CarPlay and Android Auto become a basic necessity.