Foods · July 16, 2021

New Style Of Making Idli Dosa Delicious food Recipe

Today we will see how dosa is made. Dosa is very tasty to eat, and is also very healthy, so you can make it whenever you want. Anytime for breakfast or lunch.

Main Ingredients

Dal and Rice Ferment Mixture – (How to make the mixture)
Masala Masala for Dosa (How to make Potato Masala)
Smooth Tawa (You can use non stick or any iron griddle, just make sure that it is smooth so that the dosa can spread well.)
How to make dosa

To make dosa, first take out some of the mixture in a separate bowl and keep the rest of the mixture in the fridge. You can use this mixture by keeping it in the fridge for 3 days. Now add salt according to the taste in the mixture that you have taken out. And keep some water in a bowl.
dosa recipe (1) dosa recipe (2)

Now put the pan on the gas. When the tawa becomes hot, take some water in hand and sprinkle it on the tawa. By sprinkling water on the pan, the temperature of the pan drops, due to which the dosa spreads well and becomes crispy. Keep in mind never pour the mixture on the hot pan. Many people wipe the pan with a wet thick cloth instead of pouring water, you can do it however you want. We make it by adding water. Before making the second dosa, do not forget to sprinkle water or wipe it with a thick wet cloth, you have to do this every time, only then the dosa will become nice and crispy otherwise it will not spread well.
dosa recipe (3) dosa recipe (4)

Now when the water in the middle of the pan dries up, then a spoon (you can also pour the mixture with a deep spoon, as shown in the picture, if you do not have it then you can also use a small bowl) Or take the mixture by filling a small bowl and pour it on the pan, then with a light hand, spread the mixture in a circular motion, make it as big as you can comfortably spread, and you can make it as thin as you wish.
dosa recipe (5) dosa recipe (6)

Now when you spread it completely, then pour a little oil from above, put some oil in the middle and a little on the sides, now let it be on high gas until a little color of the dosa starts changing, you should It will be seen that the dosa is starting to turn brown from below, when it starts to turn light brown, then lift it from the side with a turning spoon, if your tawa will be smooth and the gas will be fast, then the dosa will rise easily, the dosa sticks only when it sticks well from the bottom. Do not cook, as soon as it gets cooked, it starts to cook on its own, now slowly start lifting the dosa from one side as shown in the picture.
dosa recipe (7) dosa recipe (8)

Similarly, flip the dosa with a spoon, we can make dosa from only one side, we have flipped the dosa just to show you. Take a look at the dosa from the bottom side, if it is cooked well then take it out.
dosa recipe (9) dosa recipe (10)

Masala Dosa
To make Masala Dosa, first make dosa in the above way, after that when the dosa is cooked from one side, then put a little potato-made masala on it in the middle as shown in the picture. After keeping the masala, first lift it from one side and close it as shown in the picture, then close it from the other side in the same way and press it lightly and then take it out in a plate. Instead of potato spice, you can also grate the paneer and fill it by making its masala. It’s up to you how you want to make it.

Paper dosa
The paper dosa is thinner than the rest, so it is called paper dosa, we do not fill anything in the middle of this dosa, make dosa in the above way and lift it round and serve it with sambar and chutney. For paper dosa, when you spread the mixture, the tapa spreads a little more thinly

There are many other types of dosas that we will add to this post soon. Till then you make them and share your experience with us.

You like to eat dosa with sambar and chutney, by the way, you can eat masala dosa empty or you can eat it only with chutney. Dosa tastes great with coconut and onion chutney. If you have any question regarding this recipe, then definitely ask us by commenting below.

First of all, the mixture of dosa should be well fermented and it should neither be too thin nor too thin. The mixture should be such that when you put a spoon in it, it gets completely thin with the mixture.

The second most important thing is that the tawa should not be too hot, when the tawa is hot enough, first reduce the gas, then sprinkle water on it or ask a thick wet cloth so that the temperature of the pan is reduced. Put the mixture on the pan immediately and spread it. When the mixture spreads, then increase the gas so that the dosa becomes crispy, due to the low temperature of the pan, the dosa spreads well.

Before lifting the dosa, let it cook till it becomes crispy from the bottom side.
After spreading the mixture, the gas accelerates at once.