Foods / How To · July 28, 2021

How to make home made whey protein


Yogurt, paneer, or buttermilk can be taken from any dairy product to make whey protein. We are telling you about the method of making whey protein from curd.

First, take an empty container or bowl. Place a muslin cloth / double lined paper towel over it by placing a small sieve.

After that put the curd in a sieve. Now cover the strainer with plastic and keep it in the fridge for at least eight hours.

After 8 hours, take the container out of the fridge and remove the plastic. The solid milk product left in the sieve will be paneer. Wherein the yellow-colored liquid in the bowl will be whey protein.

However, the drawback of Homemade Whey Protein is that it will not have the same taste as the marketed Whey Protein Powder. Its taste can be sour or strange. It will depend on the freshness of the curd. But, its nutrition will be plentiful.

If you just want the benefits of protein and the test does not matter, then believe me this homemade protein will save you a lot of money.

Protein benefits the body in various ways. Along with helping in weight loss and bodybuilding, it benefits the body in many ways.

Protein deficiency usually occurs in many people. In such a situation, to meet the deficiency of protein, some people eat high protein breakfast and some consume whey protein.

Fitness depends only on good protein foods. Talking about the fitness industry, due to fast digestion, people consume more whey protein. It is a high-quality ‘complete protein’ that comes from dairy products.

Whey protein contains all the amino acids, branched amino acids, glutamine, leucine, etc. according to the need of the body. All these help in developing the muscles.

Before buying whey protein, people search a lot on the internet about the best whey protein powder. Actually, it is expensive and buying is not in everyone’s budget. That’s why people take cheap whey protein as an alternative. If you also have budget problems, then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you how to make whey protein at home. It will not take you much time to make it.

Homemade whey protein is healthier than the packaged whey protein available in the market. If you buy a good brand of whey protein from the market, then its price will be around 4 thousand rupees. But if you prepare it at home it will cost you less than half. If you take cheap whey protein from the market, then some wrong things can also be found in it. Consumption of which can harm your body instead of benefit.

Ways To Add It In Your Diet

• The best way to consume whey water in your diet is to drink it directly.

• Knead your flour using whey water instead of regular water. Eat chapatis made of this flour.

• You may add whey water to your smoothies as well. Just put some whey water in your juice jar along with other fruits, nuts, milk, and cream before you give it all a nice whirl.

• Whey water can be used for baking purposes or can be used as a broth for soups, noodles, or vegetables.

• You can boil your vegetables or rice in whey water.

• Whey water can be used for the overnight soaking of legumes.