Foods / How To · July 20, 2021

How to Lose Belly Fat How to reduce extra Fat

Hello Friends, did your heart flow in tears and you kept thinking. Your belly fat and belly fat are not decreasing at all. I am not with you to keep motivating you and together we should work so hard that we can easily reduce our belly fat and belly fat easily.

You must also be thinking that I will make you do a lot of stick dieting like others and will send you to the gym and say that if you do this exercise, then you will be thin. But there is nothing like this, if you want to be thin, you want to reduce your belly fat, then there are some easy ways and tips that I will tell you which most people do not know.

Let us quickly see such tips which will help us to get our dream body and we will get our result very soon.

Green Tea:- If you include green tea in your diet, then you get very good results. If you take a cough green tea after an hour or half of your meal, then it will be very beneficial for you. Because there are some such ingredients inside it which help a lot in reducing your weight.

If you eat oily food and take green tea after an hour of it, then in such case you are reducing whatever harmful consequences of that food are. All I want to say to you is that you should include green tea in your daily routine. If you take one cup of green tea after one hour of every meal (morning, afternoon, evening), then, of course, you will get the benefit very quickly.

Avoid soft drinks: If you want to reduce belly fat, then please stop soft drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc. because the amount of sugar in them is very high, which is right for our health. Not there. If you leave the habit of soft drinks, then it will be easy to reduce belly fat and belly fat.

Hide Junk Food: We all know that junk food is harmful to us, but still, no matter how much you want to stop yourself, you can not stop and eat them. That is why in our childhood, all of us used to keep chips and papad hidden from us. If you want to avoid eating all these things, then keep them hidden for now. Otherwise, you will keep eating it while watching TV or doing some other work. Instead of junk food, keep fruits and eat them.

Drink plenty of water: Drinking water is very important for our body. If you drink three to four liters of water in a day, then your body’s ability to reduce fat increases by 30%. If you increase the amount of water by 1.5 liters in your daily routine, you can reduce about 18000 calories in a year.

Small Meal: As we all know that we people have to eat three times, in this round we eat more food which is not digested properly. Because of this, it starts accumulating in the form of fat in our body. So always eat less and eat little by little so that our food can be digested properly.

No afternoon naps: If you want to burn belly fat then you don’t have to sleep after eating say noon. Because some people have a habit of taking sleep after having lunch. Due to sleep, the metabolism of our body decreases, due to which fat starts accumulating in the body.

Manage Stress: Stress is very harmful to our body, as we all know, yet we take stress on small things. Which harms the body. At the time of stress, we feel like eating fried things like salty, junk food, etc. And we have to stay away from that food only then we will be fine.

Eating food by chewing: In childhood, we are all taught that we have to chew and eat food, but as we grow up, we forget all this. And we end up overeating. Due to this our food is not digested properly, due to which our body Fat starts accumulating in me. Therefore, always eat food after chewing it well.

Isabgol (ISABGOL): Isabgol has been going on for centuries, many people use it. If we take one spoon with a glass of water one hour before eating it. With the help of isabgol, you can control the desire to eat. And due to fiber, it helps indigestion.

Meal on Time: You have to make a rule of your eating that at what time you have to have breakfast and at what time you have to have lunch and dinner. Due to which your body will feel hungry at the same time and you will be able to avoid overeating.

Cheat Meal: We will keep one day in a week so that we can cheat our body, this means that one day we will give our body the food which it likes the most like sweet, junk food, etc. can eat. But do not have to eat the whole day, only one mile can be eaten. With this, you will reward your body so that your body can follow your diet plan properly for all other days. Because it knows that a day will come when it will get food of its choice.

No Rice – No Wheat: If you stop taking rice and wheat flour for a few days, then very good results are seen, it is not that you should stop your food if you feel hungry. You can eat flour from other cereals like millet, jowar, etc.