Foods · June 10, 2021

Benefits and Disadvantages of Olive Oil Health Benefits of Olive Oil

There are two types of olive trees, wild thorny and the other without thorns. Wild olives are small and bush-like and have thorns on their branches. Oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, which people trade. Based on the dry matter in this olive fruit, 50 to 55% oil is obtained, the pickle of the olive fruit is also made.


Nitrogen fertilizer is most useful for olive trees. The fame of the medicinal properties of the olive tree is far and wide, that is why it is found in all the provinces of the world. Olive oil is very easily available in the market, but special attention needs to be paid to its quality because there is a lot of adulteration in the olive oil of the market which can be harmful to us.

A special feature of olive oil is that it can be used both internally and externally, it is used for both beauty and health. Oil is also used in cooking. Olive oil is very useful against the development of any type of cancer.

Benefits of Olive Oil Benefits of Olive Oil

reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol can be reduced by the consumption of olive oil. With the help of olive oil, the heart can also be strengthened and there is a reduction in the disease of seizures.

high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be reduced by olive oil, its regular use can also balance the blood circulation in the weight loss you want to reduce your obesity, then every day you have to consume one to two spoons of olive oil every morning. useful for hair

Along with many antioxidants, vitamin E and fatty acids are found in abundance in liver oil, which is useful for our hair. useful in beauty

Olive oil keeps our skin moist, it contains fatty acids and vitamin A and vitamin E, which prevent wrinkles in the skin and help in making the face healthy. to the brain

Olive oil has a very important contribution in removing mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, along with it also helps in reducing depression.


in reducing inflammation

Olive oil also has the properties of reducing inflammation, it cures any type of inflammation, apart from this, it can also cure diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease.


useful in cancer

Olive oil contains polyphenolic antioxidants, for this, you have to consume two teaspoons of pure olive oil, olive oil can also cure breast cancer.

bone strength

Massaging with olive oil strengthens the bones, its consumption can also reduce diseases like Arthritis Osteoporosis.

useful in diabetes

Diseases like diabetes can also be prevented by daily consumption of olive oil because it controls sugar and keeps insulin secretion balanced.

Side Effects of Olive Oil

Excessive consumption of olive oil can cause acne problems.

Olive oil is not useful for dry skin.

Some people may also be allergic to olive oil.

The problem of hypotension can also be seen due to its excessive use.

Excessive use of olive oil can increase our body weight, we should avoid excessive consumption of it.

Individuals who have smooth and sticky skin may experience mostly burning, rashes.

Excess consumption of olive oil can also lead to the problem of diarrhea.

Due to the high fat in olive oil, it can spoil the digestive power.

Its excessive consumption can be harmful to our overall health like dizziness, kidney problems, etc.

Excessive consumption of olive oil can reduce the blood pressure of our bodies.